Top 10 ERP Software Solutions

People nowadays are more curious about ERP Solutions available in the market to get the one that is suitable for their business need. However, it is quite difficult to answer because it all depends on company’s domain. Most common ERP Software Odoo used for this. You may hire Odoo partners for you project too. For instance, if you are a manufacturer and looking for an ERP solution, then it would not matter that you belong to the manufacturing Industry. But the form of manufacturing is also considered like:

  • Discrete Manufacturing
  • Process or project-based manufacturing

These are the two different and common types of manufacturing. The best way to answer the Top Ten ERP solution question is to define complete ERP market leaders, who both can meet the criteria and can manage good track records in several industries.

According to our thorough research, we have finalized Top Ten ERP Solutions which are market leaders as well. As there are numerous domains, so it is better to look carefully at any ERP vendor and determine if they are ricrmght for you.

Our Top Ten ERP Solutions

There are three primary tiers of ERP Software. Such tiers symbolize the system size relative to the company’s size. Tier 1 is the biggest systems which support the large sized companies. Tier 2 is best for medium sized market solutions serving businesses of about $50 Million in income up to $500 Million. These solutions often are scaled so that these can roll out individual installations on a step by step basis. Tier 3 is for small companies under $50 Million in income. Below explained is a step by step guidance for Top Ten ERP Solutions.

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Tier 1 ERP Solutions


SAP is famous ERP software and has been around since 1970, SAP has implementations in several of the Fortune 500 and is quite suitable for all global corporations. It is best suitable for smaller business organizations.


It is a strong competitor to SAP. Even though Oracle initially started as a database company, it quickly and easily moved into the ERP Applications world. Hence, won several large organizations. Moreover, like SAP, Oracle’s sweet spot is in the bigger market, but these too have learned to work in the mid-sized businesses.


Microsoft has joined the ERP world many years back with the acquisitions of diverse ERP Packages. They have re-branded, integrated and retooled these solutions into their Web and Office offerings. Solutions like powerful Microsoft AX can scale to larger companies and gives a lot of functionality. Microsoft NV is a quite flexible package that can easily be modeled to fit any business type.

Tier 2 ERP Solutions

In the Tier 2 level, there are players we can count on. Tier 2 Solutions are suitable mid-sized companies. Moreover, these are also suitable for very large for businesses which have a single market focus. These can also scale up but are not seen in companies over $500 Million income, except at the plant level usually.


Industrial and Financial Systems (IFS) does what the name symbolizes exactly. These are the best ERP solution for the Industrial manufacturing world.


Infor is a popular company in that it came into the market and made manifold acquisitions as well as has continued to develop many solutions. It suits every business type. They work professionally to find the need of business and what to give in return to make your business better.


Always strong in Distribution and Manufacturing. This solution works well and has numerous successful installs. If your company is larger than $25 Million as well as smaller than $1 Billion in sales, then it is the right option for you.


It is similar to Abas and is a powerful middle market ERP solution that covers

  • Accounting
  • Distribution
  • Manufacturing


Syspro is another midsized market competitor who works well in the small to mid-size businesses.


It is a Cloud Computing ERP solution. It means that you don’t house any of the software inside your business. It’s completely web-based and is a growing trend. On the other side, Plex is the pioneer in the space of ERP.


Sage is similar to others and Infor that acquired many products over the past 6 to 10 years. They have some exceptional offerings for several industries. Systems like their MAS200 or MAS500 and mainstay are great products that serve manufacturing and distribution.


As mentioned above, its complete information about Top Ten ERP Solutions from our side, but each market and industry can have their top list for ERP.

What if you can’t make a decision on an ERP solution?

As it is hard for you to try and make a software selection on your own, you can go through with the guidelines to make sure you are choosing the right one. By following guidelines, you can easily pick the right one that is suitable for your business.


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